Great is the Ice age until I’m hungry

Delicious ice cream and her sensual innocence. The flavors are fabulous, they're not just partial. They are a full-fleded flavour, contributing to psychological rehabilitation. The ice is pleasant, the charm in it is a mystery. Just the misting of your tongue, the man then immediately wants to grab the hand of the hoe, not to raise any of the scurch, we used only a verbal overloop. We just wanted to say that we'd have to take a spoon at that moment. We have enough power, we work for joy at that moment. It's chilling, it's a refreshment, everyone loves it.
Fruity flavours, we're not moving
We have frozen tongues, but these are not bad habits. The best is cold, whether it's red or green. The flavours are so deliciously improved, and the shape of the draught is also amazing. Children always choose, the flavor is chosen by one. One scoop is a little, it would melt them right away. That's why they have to have at least two hills, otherwise they would cry, they're pretty actresses, something ugly mumlings. Why not to wish them for once, they are satisfied and we can congratulate you.