We make the Windows tailored exactly for you

Is that what you're up to? Are you just enjoying your new plastic windows? So it is nice and thank you for choosing the plastic Oknaz of our e-shop for both the purchase and installation. They are newcomer in your apartment and you have an almost emotional relationship to them, so you will be inclined to constantly wash and clean them from the beginning.
Perfect for cleaning plastic windows, we can use the usual cleaning products that we have at home. But we should be careful not to contain aggressive chemicals that could-especially plastic-damage. We should also lubricate the plastic windows and the fittings of the plastic windows from time to moment. This step can significantly prolong the life of plastic windows.
Plastic windows are probably dying on their own!
Do not forget: clean from us gently and without aggressive chemicals and occasionally lubricate. We will help you-invite us to service!